Megs top 5 reasons why you should be a Creative Cloud member – Part 1/5

Recently I attended the Create Now Roadshow by Adobe in Brisbane.  Now whenever a seminar, workshop, etc is offered for free I am aware that there is pretty much one of two reasons a company does this.  1.  To sell a product or 2.  As part of showing their brand as supporting its customers.    Well, they succeeded at both aims with me. It took me less than a week to buy their new product, just 2 weeks after that I am singing Adobe’s praises as well.  So in short, this is my top 5 reasons why you too should join the Creative cloud club.  I cant help but promote it because it is awesome. 1. The Creative Cloud file storage and sharing. I have used Dropbox for a while now and while it is useful It has often left my clients feeling a little bewildered.  They have to join up to drop box themselves, then I have to make sure I’ve invited them to the right folder for them to …

Easy to build mobile website

We have built a web interface that allows relatively non-technical users to build a professional jQuery mobile website in just minutes. JQMBuilder allows you to build a jQuery mobile website from an easy to use web interface. You can add pages, a logo, Twitter feed, blog feed and a contact form. Once complete you can build the jQuery mobile site with a single click, that you can then download the site so that you can deploy it to your web server. You can save your builds and then return to make changes and re-build when ever you like. You can create a simple jQuery mobile website for as little as only $10 or have more flexibility for making changes by pre-buying multiple builds. Click here for a free build to try it out.

Will design improve the economy? or better yet, your economy

I was recently rereading an article in desktop magazine on student optimism.   ‘The desktop student survey’ covered a range of areas about design students and their views.  Some stats on age, location etc, but the most interesting was their supreme optimism for the future of design,  including their belief that ‘design would make them rich’. One gem that I took from it, that is actually true is that “design will improve the economy”. There are many people out there who will say that design does not matter and that it’s your core product that matters.  Of course your core product matters, but if your branding of your product is below par, or for that matter non existent, this will affect your business and your products sales. From Desktop magazine: “businesses that use design are more likely to show profit growth, as well as higher rates of profit growth” Design can be your one of your businesses most important assets.  What is your businesses image?  What does your branding say …

PHP dependency injection

Object-oriented (OO) programming involves dependencies between objects, such as objects that require a connection to a database object. It’s inevitable and required. The only other option would be duplicate code in every object, defeating the purpose of OO programming. The amount of dependency is the degree that one component relies on another to perform its responsibilities. High dependency limits code reuse and makes moving components to new projects difficult. Lower dependency is better. The key question then is how to manage the dependencies. Some people suggest they should be ‘injected’ into each object. Dependency Injection (DI) is the solution to the principle of Inversion of Control (IoC). It manages the dependencies between objects by creating the dependent objects outside the object which uses that dependency. In other words instead of objects configuring themselves they are configured by an external entity. In software engineering, IoC is an object-oriented programming practice where the object coupling is bound at run time by an assembler object and is typically not known at compile time …

Changing the direction of the web

The way people access the Internet is changing rapidly, with smart phones, portable devices such as iPad and tablets, and new operating systems such as Windows 8. What does this mean for your existing website? Web design trends have always moved quickly, traditionally websites become outdated in only a few years, but now there is a big shift in the way we use the Internet and the changes are more than skin deep. They are more than just design trends; they are big changes to user experience that is now leaving older websites behind. Scrolling, swiping, touching, and gestures We are becoming “touch-centric” in our use of the Internet. We like to touch, swipe, and gesture to navigate the web. But what does this mean for older websites that don’t support this new way of operating? Unfortunately our older websites, our pride and joy in their day, are increasingly no longer following familiar conventions, no longer looking modern and professional, and increasingly they are missing the latest features and trends. …

Cloud computing resources in Australia

Amazon has recently launched cloud resources in Sydney, bringing a new player to Australian cloud computing service providers. Previously Singapore was the closest resource hub for Amazon, but now Australian websites can be served from Australian cloud resources. Why is this important? Having your hosting resources further away from the end users slows down page load times and can result in increased outages when international network infrastructure goes down. The other big reason is that Google and other search engines tend to prioritize local resources for local search results. A big benefit of using cloud computing resources in Australia is the very low data cost. Most data centres in Australia charge as much as $3.50 per GB of data transfer while Amazon charges only $0.19 per GB – a huge saving!! Want to know more? If you want to find out more about cloud computing and hosting your website in the cloud using Australia resources then contact us. Decompression can assist you with understanding the complicated services provided by Amazon …

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