Eviport Project

by Tristan Claridge


Watch, listen, chat, discuss, connect, collaborate, find, search, and build lasting professional relationships.

Eviport is a portal system that allows people to attend events online, or “virtually”.  We have developed an innovative system that includes video/data streaming with dynamic social media integration.

Revenue Stream – Diversify  your event income from virtual delegates and industry partners or sponsors

Social Networking  – Within eviport delegates can integrate their existing social networking accounts allowing them to see their connections and establish professional relationships and discussion.

Secure Access – Event content secured by login and payments system and multiple levels of security.

Ideal Advertising/Sponsor Exposure  – Data Collection and reports on delegate behaviour provide ideal feedback for potential sponsors




Decompression is a web and software development studio. Our main focus is on intelligent and innovative projects. Our small team of developers are highly skilled and love programming. We also have a full time graphic designer who handles the aesthetics.

Decompression has been a registered company since 2004.

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