Megs top 5 reasons why you should be a Creative Cloud member – Part 1/5

by Meg

Recently I attended the Create Now Roadshow by Adobe in Brisbane.  Now whenever a seminar, workshop, etc is offered for free I am aware that there is pretty much one of two reasons a company does this.  1.  To sell a product or 2.  As part of showing their brand as supporting its customers.    Well, they succeeded at both aims with me.

It took me less than a week to buy their new product, just 2 weeks after that I am singing Adobe’s praises as well.  So in short, this is my top 5 reasons why you too should join the Creative cloud club.  I cant help but promote it because it is awesome.


Creative Cloud file sharing with information view.
Book cover design by Meg Claridge.

1. The Creative Cloud file storage and sharing.

I have used Dropbox for a while now and while it is useful It has often left my clients feeling a little bewildered.  They have to join up to drop box themselves, then I have to make sure I’ve invited them to the right folder for them to access their file.  Just not as easy as it should be.  And if I’m with a new client will I trust that they wont just take the file and I’ll never see them or the money for the job again?

Here is where Creative Cloud differs.  I can simply share a file by sending a link to my client for their viewing, and I can set up the file so they can or cant download it.  They don’t need to have Creative Cloud or sig

What is also very practical is that because I can now have the same applications on my home computer, I can put my partially completed photoshop, illustrator, or other file in my Creative Cloud folder and have it there at home.  Sure I could have done that with Dropbox but to be honest I find Creative Cloud easier to use.

Up next: Part 2 – Applications CC


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