A database is an integrated collection of data records, files, and other objects. These databases can then be accessed by the client or clients customers depending on security settings, passwords etc and the nature of the data. One example of database use can be seen on www.organicfooddirectory.com.au. This is a public search engine of organic food suppliers.

A shopping cart and product management system is also a good example of database management. We created our own product management system that includes all the functions to administer the products on your website, as well as a Customer Relations Management System (CRM), order management system, shopping cart, checkout, and stock control system. It is a complete solution for all your eCommerce needs.


Decompression is a web and software development studio. Our main focus is on intelligent and innovative projects. Our small team of developers are highly skilled and love programming. We also have a full time graphic designer who handles the aesthetics.

Decompression has been a registered company since 2004.

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