Web Development

We’ve been doing web development since 2004. We started with html and css based sites, but quickly moved to dynamic development techniques and have continued to embrace the latested technologies as they emerged. Internet technologies are fast moving and trends don’t always represent the best way forward and the best solution for the project at hand. We are always looking at emerging trends, new techniques, and better ways to do what we do.

We use a range of tools but our core development environment is LAMP with highly usable application of jQuery. Design is vital, so our designers and front end developers focus on making our projects look great.

Some examples of our work.


Green damselfly Ethical products

Inkdog Design

Inkdog Design blog

Square Peg Group

Sean Field Painting



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Decompression is a web and software development studio. Our main focus is on intelligent and innovative projects. Our small team of developers are highly skilled and love programming. We also have a full time graphic designer who handles the aesthetics.

Decompression has been a registered company since 2004.

P: +61 (0) 7 5641 2550
E: tristan@decompression.com.au