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The way people access the Internet is changing rapidly, with smart phones, portable devices such as iPad and tablets, and new operating systems such as Windows 8. What does this mean for your existing website? Web design trends have always moved quickly, traditionally websites become outdated in only a few years, but now there is a big shift in the way we use the Internet and the changes are more than skin deep. They are more than just design trends; they are big changes to user experience that is now leaving older websites behind. Scrolling, swiping, touching, and gestures We are becoming “touch-centric” in our use of the Internet. We like to touch, swipe, and gesture to navigate the web. But what does this mean for older websites that don’t support this new way of operating? Unfortunately our older websites, our pride and joy in their day, are increasingly no longer following familiar conventions, no longer looking modern and professional, and increasingly they are missing the latest features and trends. …

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Decompression is a web and software development studio. Our main focus is on intelligent and innovative projects. Our small team of developers are highly skilled and love programming. We also have a full time graphic designer who handles the aesthetics.

Decompression has been a registered company since 2004.

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