Will design improve the economy? or better yet, your economy

by Meg

I was recently rereading an article in desktop magazine on student optimism.   ‘The desktop student survey’ covered a range of areas about design students and their views.  Some stats on age, location etc, but the most interesting was their supreme optimism for the future of design,  including their belief that ‘design would make them rich’. One gem that I took from it, that is actually true is that “design will improve the economy”.

There are many people out there who will say that design does not matter and that it’s your core product that matters.  Of course your core product matters, but if your branding of your product is below par, or for that matter non existent, this will affect your business and your products sales.

From Desktop magazine:

“businesses that use design are more likely to show profit growth, as well as higher rates of profit growth”

Design can be your one of your businesses most important assets.  What is your businesses image?  What does your branding say to your customer?  Is your branding consistent across your whole business?  From logos through to websites and print advertising design can make all the difference.

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